Anacom receives 996 requests for radiation monitoring until March 2007

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By the end of the first quarter of this year, Anacom had received 996 requests for analysis of non-ionizing radiation levels. Between January and March alone, the regulator collected 24 requests, of which 13 were finalized.

In global terms, the regulator has already solved a total of 969 processes, the majority through measurements that concluded that there was no danger to the health of the populations in any of the cases analyzed.

Almost all of the cases evaluated point to values ​​fifty times lower than the reference levels in the power density legally established (in Ordinance No. 1421/2004 of 23 November). Only in 33 of the analyzed cases this interval was not guaranteed, although the levels of reference if they were respected.

The regulator adds that the results of the analyzes concluded in the meantime have already been communicated to the entities or persons that requested them. The number of requests for analysis recorded in the first quarter of this year was roughly identical to that recorded in the previous quarters.

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