Anacom receives 15,650 complaints in the first half

Complaints in Electronic Communications increased by 34%

The first half of 2008 closed with the number of complaints filed with the authorities increasing 85 percent over the same period last year. In total, 96,774 complaints were registered, about 531 per day, with the majority being related to trade and destined for the Food and Economic Security Authority (ASAE).

In turn, communications were the second sector with the highest number of complaints, about 15,650, says Anacom, referring that the pages of the complaint books make up 69 percent of the total complaints received. According to the regulator, in the first half of the year, «15,257 complaints, 229 requests for information, 55 petitions, 18 suggestions and 90 other communications» were received in writing.

The authority also indicates that electronic communications services were the ones that received the most criticism – 11,880 -, mainly in matters related to equipment, customer service / technical assistance and billing. Postal services received 3,077 complaints, with correspondence services and delivery delays gaining prominence.

According to Anacom, only a part of the total number of complaints received can actually be handled by you, as your regulatory powers do not apply to the retail market.