Anacom reassesses post-separation competition from PT Multimédia

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Anacom will reassess competition in the Portuguese electronic communications market after the spin off of PT Multimédia. The information was released today by European competition commissioner Nelie Kroes, on the sidelines of the Lisbon conference.

The Commissioner argues that more important than the shareholder separation of the companies is to guarantee transparency and competition in the market, the online editions of the economic press cite.

«Who is the shareholder is not the most important thing. The most important thing is to know if there is transparency and if the administrations do not make cross decisions», defends Nelie Kroes adding that the European Commission will now wait for the results of the analysis requested from the national regulator .

«There will always have to be a separate management and supervision guarantees», said the commissioner in relation to the two separate companies at the beginning of the month with the transfer of PT’s capital to its shareholders, within the scope of a program defined as a countermeasure to the OPA launched by Sonaecom last year.

Hearing on the same subject, the president of the Competition Authority, Abel Mateus, underlines: «The spin off was an important step, but under the Competition Law, separate companies can only be considered when control [accionista] between these two companies is different «, writes Jornal de Negócios.Neli Kroes gives less importance to the shareholder issue, emphasizing the separation of management teams.

Also this week, in an interview published by Diário Económico, Viviane Reding, European Commissioner for the Information Society, considered that the separation of PT Multimédia from PT was useful but could not guarantee an ideal competitive situation in the Portuguese market, leaving in the application of measures that also aimed at the functional separation of PT’s wholesale and retail businesses was open.

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