Anacom provides information on roaming charges and services on its website

COLLAB distinguished with the APDC / Siemens Innovation Award

Anacom’s website today has new information on roaming international mobile networks, information that the market regulator intends to be useful to «increase tariff transparency and contribute to clarifying users about tariff and usage rules», says a press release.

The initiative follows measures taken by the European Commission, which this week made available a portal where it is possible to compare mobile phone tariffs in several European countries and the rates practiced in roaming. It should be remembered that the Commissioner for the Information Society has shown itself to be committed to reducing inequalities in tariffs and even intends to eliminate price differences between different countries in Europe.

In the new area of ​​Anacom’s website, some frequently asked questions from users will be published, namely regarding services in which the rules work differently from those practiced in the national territory, such as the reception of calls and the use of voice mail.

Anacom already had a website available for comparing mobile tariffs but which only worked for the tariffs practiced in the national territory.

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