Anacom price comparator receives 4,760 simulations per month in 2006

Sapo opens laboratory at the University of Aveiro

Created in July 2005, Anacom’s Tariff Observatory registered 43.2 thousand accesses and 57.1 thousand price simulation operations last year. This comparator is an initiative of the regulator, in collaboration with the three mobile operators and aims to help mobile customers to define the tariff plan that best adapts to their consumption profile.

According to Anacom’s figures, the price comparator received an average of 3,600 accesses and 4,760 monthly simulations over the last year. Since this feature exists, it has already been used to make 129.2 thousand price comparisons and a total of 75.3 thousand accesses has been accessed. , call or virtual message and tariff consultation.

Consultations on tariffs and price comparisons of calls or messages were the options most used by consumers throughout the year: 73 thousand and 37.3 thousand times, respectively. In the case of tariff consultations, these concentrate 56.5 percent of the operations carried out at the Observatory.

The wide tariff offer in the mobile segment motivated the creation of this functionality. Before that, sector regulator and Autoridade da ConcorrĂŞncia concluded that the prices of mobile communications were presented to the customer in a complex and non-transparent way. An AdC recommendation even called for measures to clarify the situation, at a time when the European Commission itself was reflecting on the matter, especially in relation to calls in roaming.

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