Anacom pre-approves new fixed service from Vodafone

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Anacom approved the draft decision for a new offer from Vodafone called Homephone. The offer provides for the use of the mobile network to provide fixed telephony services.

In a statement, the regulator clarifies that the draft decision «will allow the use of the GSM and UMTS frequencies of the terrestrial mobile network of Vodafone Portugal in the local access network for the provision of telephone service at a fixed location».

The sense of decision is verified if Vodafone complies with a set of conditions that include the maintenance of a register for all terminals and associated base stations, aspects that must be provided to the regulator within a maximum period of 15 days, together with the description of the technical process behind the selection of BTS.

The operator is also tasked with providing «clear and transparent information to end users about the characteristics of the service», adds the document.

The regulator also recognizes to Vodafone the right to use a specific numbering range for the service (2), to be attributed if all the assumptions of the resolution are met.

The determination of 14 September will be followed by a period of prior hearing by Vodafone, which will have 10 days to comment and submitted to a consultation procedure, through which interested parties can provide contributions.

This consultation period runs until 28 September and the results will be published on the regulator’s website.

Contacted by TeK, Vodafone makes no statement on the matter.

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