ANACOM opens consultation for numbering a single tariff service per call

Sapo opens laboratory at the University of Aveiro

ANACOM opened a public consultation to create two new codes to be included in the National Numbering Plan, used for flat rate services per call that can be applied to access games online or download movies and music or uploading an account to video on demand.

The creation of the two new codes, 761 and 762, responds to the request of COLT and the SGC Group that wanted new service codes for the provision of an electronic communications service to make payments.

According to the Anacom statement, these single tariff services will have tariff caps of one euro, for 0 761, and two euros, for 762 and outline the possibility of providing innovative services that result from the increasing spread of broadband. , namely for payments for goods or content accessed through the internet.

Instead of using micro payment or credit card systems, payment to the entity that sells the service is made through a telephone call to a number initiated by this code.

The public consultation was approved by resolution of the regulator on January 11, and is being released today. Those interested in responding to the public consultation can do so until 13 February.

ANACOM also states that, taking into account the impact that this determination may have on the interests of consumers, the Consumer Institute, DECO, FENACOOP, UGC and ACOP were also asked to give an opinion, which also have 20 working days to comment.

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