Anacom obliges operators to introduce new tariff with taxation for the second

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Anacom has already publicly commented on the diploma that obliges operators to tax calls to the second. According to the regulator’s decision, published on Friday, May 2, operators should have at least one tariff within one month where calls are charged per second.

Although this opinion is in accordance with the law published last month and goes against what was made public last week, another point is added: the consideration of an initial fixed amount to always be paid by the consumer, regardless of the duration of the purchase. call.

With this solution, users always end up paying a fixed amount for the first minute of conversations, even if the call has not gone beyond 20 seconds, a factor that has already led to DECO’s challenge.

Even so, Anacom invokes the need to associate fixed costs to each call, a value borne by fixed or mobile operators, including the amount charged by the operator of the receiver to the company to which the recipient is connected for the use of the network.

Anacom has now given operators a period of one month for them to start up at least one conversation plan that respects the law of rounding to the second.

Currently, telecommunications companies charge their customers a fixed amount for each call made, in the first minute, although the tax after the first 60 seconds is charged in blocks and not in the second, in most cases.

As already mentioned, Deco, in the voice of its president, was disappointed with the opinion of the regulator, since the consumer protection association advocates taxing the second without any obligation to pay the initial tariff.

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