Anacom next to PT in dispute with Sonaecom

دفع المشغلون 29.9 مليون يورو لشركة أناكوم في عام 2011

The regulator will not compel Portugal Telecom to indemnify Sonaecom for the alleged non-compliance with the levels of quality of service stipulated in the Reference Offer for Access to the Local Loop (RUO) and the Leased Lines Reference Offer (ORCA).

The northern company requested measures from the regulator to resolve a dispute with PTC concerning 2006. The company accuses the competitor of not having met the maximum deadlines for repairing breakdowns in unbundled loops and leased circuits – defined in the light of the current regulation – in first and second semesters of 2006.

PT has not contested the failures reported by Sonaecom or the delays referred to, but guarantees that it has also not followed all the procedures set out in the reference offers, with regard to the «forecasts for requests for the supply of loops and leased lines, within the terms and conditions set out in the respective offers «, describes Anacom on its website. Sonaecom admits that throughout the year it requested the unbundling of a different number of loops than it had foreseen, but did not waive the request for compensation.

The case ended at Anacom, with Sonaecom asking for the administrative resolution of the dispute. Anacom is now giving a definitive answer to the request considering «the arguments and grounds justified unfounded» and also denying the operator’s claim that the regulator would «do due diligence» to ascertain responsibilities.

It should be noted that the case in question concerns 2006 and the intervention of the regulator was requested in December of the following year. The final decision is now known, a year and four months later.

The amount of compensation requested by Sonaecom from PT has not been revealed.