Anacom moves back into the narrowband fixed telephony retail market

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Anacom yesterday announced the obligations it will impose on the PT Group in the area of ​​narrowband retail markets. This decision was preceded by a consultation, launched in July this year and has an impact on residential and non-residential fixed-line subscribers, public and local, national and international telephones.

Anacom points out in the document that with the entry into force of the new obligations «the price-setting rules contained in the Price Convention for Universal Service no longer apply». This rule has the exception of «price-cap applicable to PTC intra-network calls, which will remain in force until ICP-ANACOM sets a new price-cap «.

This measure has an impact on PT Comunicações’ «Low Consumption Plan» offer, as well as the 10% discount offered by PTC on subscription and credit in national telephone communications with a joint value of not less than € 3.53 (excluding VAT) ). Anacom states that «in both cases, PTC should, if it intends to effectively terminate these plans, notify users with the advance provided for by law and ICP-ANACOM».

Among the obligations now determined by Anacom to the companies of the PT Group are transparency in the publication of tariffs, levels of service quality and other conditions of the offer, non-demonstration of undue preference for specific end users, price orientation for costs and the maintenance of an analytical accounting system.

PT Group companies are also obliged to separate accounts in all of these markets and maintain price accessibility for the fixed network markets for residential customers and national and local public services, whether customers are residential or not. In these cases, the price-cap, which includes installation, monthly fees and local, regional and national calls.

PT Group companies are also obliged to publish a reference offer for the subscriber line resale offer (SLRO) and to implement selection and pre-selection in the retail markets for access to the fixed telephone network at a fixed location for residential and non-residential customers. residential.

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