Anacom may withdraw CDMA frequencies from Radiomóvel

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The regulatory authority of the telecommunications market considers that Radiomóvel is not efficiently using the spectrum assigned to it, and has not fulfilled the obligation to migrate customers from previous systems to CDMA within the expected period. Anacom now gives the company a period of one month to rectify the situation or risk losing its license.

Anacom’s decision, published yesterday on the website, follows a long process of assessing compliance and requests for extension of deadlines for the migration operator’s obligations trunking.

Anacom makes an extensive assessment of all parameters, namely Radiomóvel’s efforts to migrate customers, for which it concludes that «there was no diligent and timely effort on the part of Radiomóvel», despite the extension of the deadline by one year. that I had already enjoyed.

In the document, the communications authority also states that Radiomóvel acted in concert with Repart to transfer to this latter company, of the same group, customers who did not intend to migrate to CDMA technology. It is recalled that Anacom blocked this process by not approving the transfer of frequencies.

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