Anacom marks conference on regulation in telecommunications for May 2006

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Anacom (Autoridade Nacional de Comunicações) announced yesterday that it will hold an annual conference in which themes related to regulation in the telecommunications sector will be discussed. The debate on sector regulation has traditionally been held in the context of conferences promoted by APDC, as well as at the annual congress of this association of communications companies.

The first conference was already scheduled for May 2006, although the day has not yet been defined, and the market regulator invites the academic world to present studies on the sector that will be released on that day.

Proposals for academic papers must be submitted by 11 November, being evaluated by a jury. The preliminary version must be delivered by February 28, with the final version delivered to Anacom by March 31, 2006.

The regulator also recalls that the studies should be applied to the Portuguese reality, focusing on topics such as the impact of communications on the growth of the Portuguese economy; the efficiency of national communications operators; costs and benefits of universal service obligations; economic impacts of flat tariffs; the characterization of the demand for communications services; and the impact of liberalization on the postal service.

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