Anacom imposes 10% reduction in PTC interconnection prices

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Anacom yesterday published information on a draft decision approved on 30 December for the RIO – Reference Interconnection Proposal for 2005 – which dictates the prices charged by PT Comunicações with other operators. The communications market regulator intends to achieve a cost reduction of around 10 percent, by extending the economic hours and lowering the prices of calls, especially on activation.

According to the communiqué by the regulator, the new Reference Interconnection Proposal reflects a sharp reduction compared to the prices proposed by PT Comunicações, since PTC’s proposal was considered incompatible with the principle of cost orientation.

The new interconnection prices are reduced by 0.05 euro cents in the call activation value for each interconnection level (from 0.60 euro cents at the local level, 0.70 euro cents for simple transit interconnection, and 0.80 cents for interconnection in double transit). At all levels, there is still a 1 percent reduction in the price per minute.

Regarding the extension of business hours, Anacom determines that this should be 14 hours, counting the period between 7 pm and 9 am, reducing the normal time to 10 hours. Anacom points out that PT already practices this economic schedule in some of its retail offers, indicating the existence of «conditions to move forward with the extension of the economic interconnection schedule».

Anacom also makes it very clear in the statement of the draft decision underlying the new RIO is the need to ensure greater convergence with current practices in the European Union.

According to the regulations, interested parties now have 10 days to comment on this draft decision by Anacom, after which PT Comunicações has another 10 days to modify its Reference Interconnection Proposal.

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