Anacom gives sound to the content it places on the Internet

Sapo opens laboratory at the University of Aveiro

Anacom’s website offers a new functionality as of today that allows automatic access to the audio version of the content made available in the areas of News and Press Notes on its website.

To access this audio version of the contents online it is necessary to send a email to an email address provided by the electronic communications regulator.

The new functionality is the result of a partnership between Anacom and the Robobraille Consortium that in Portugal is represented by the Center for Innovation for the Disabled (CIDEF).

The main symbol of this project, implemented for the first time in Denmark and later extended to several EU countries under the eTen program, is a tool that allows the «automatic conversion of electronic documents to braille or synthesized voice, quickly and free of charge. «, explains in a statement to Anacom.

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