Anacom fines Triudus at 5,300 euros (2nd Update)

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Triudus was ordered by Anacom to pay a fine of 5,300 euros for placing computers on the market that do not comply with the «applicable essential requirements» related to the compatibility of electromagnetic fields.

The manufacturer is said to have broken the law by selling seven models of equipment that will not comply with Portuguese legislation, which Anacom is responsible for checking within the scope of its supervisory functions.

The regulator’s statement does not describe the type of requirements not met by Triudus PCs, explaining only that the infringement motivates a single fine of 5,300 euros for the seven violations.

The fine was imposed in the context of a resolution dated 29 October for the violation of number one of article 7 and number one of article 27 of Decree-Law no. 192/2000 of 18 August.

The affected models are as follows: model 3988, with serial number 200210108233, model 3948, with serial number BBP4UMM3102188, model 3945 (serial number 200210108461), model 3943 (serial number A2C0109130), model 4914 (serial number 200303112095 series), model 4925, with serial number 200210107285 and model 4913.

Anacom’s decision, published yesterday on the regulator’s website, dated 29 October and will have already been appealed by the target entity.

Contacted by TeK, Triudus is surprised by Anacom’s communication. The company confirms that the lawsuit is under appeal and adds that it concerns an inspection that took place four years ago.

Anacom clarifies that although the inspection took place some time ago, the action only culminated now, after the normal legal procedures have been followed. It was only at the end of this process that the regulator defined the fine, in late September, contested by Triudus in November, the regulator says.

Editorial Note: The news was updated with information provided by Triudus and Anacom.

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