Anacom fines PT Comunicações of 50 thousand euros

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Anacom informed that PT Comunicações was subject to a fine of 50 thousand euros for violation of article 113 (number 1, line W) of the Electronic Communications Law.

According to a statement, this article states that «failure to comply with legitimate orders or warrants from the National Regulatory Authority regularly communicated to its recipients constitutes the practice of an administrative offense».

In this specific case, PT Comunicações will not have complied with a decision by the regulator that imposed maximum retail prices for calls to numbers in the 707, 708 and 809 ranges, charging calls above the fixed values.

Anacom’s determination establishing maximum prices for this type of calls dates back to 16 January 2004. The fine for non-compliance was imposed on PT on 15 June this year, and the incumbent filed an appeal on the 11th of the following month. the statement.

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