Anacom extends deadline for receiving comments on takeover bid to PT

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Anacom announced the extension of the deadline for receiving comments on Sonae’s takeover bid for Portugal Telecom, informs the communications regulator in a statement.

The period for receiving comments on the operation to acquire the capital of Portugal Telecom and PT Multimédia started on the 29th of September and now extends to the 11th of October.

The extension of the period, justifies Anacom, was considered after the interest expressed by several entities with the regulator that receives written comments. The deadline for submitting comments was 9 October.

The preliminary decision of the Competition Authority in the process of in-depth investigation of the Sonae takeover bid on PT was known on the 27th of September and the process is now on the side of the intervening parties for analysis and comments on the proposals prepared based on coordination work between the Authority da ConcorrĂŞncia, Anacom and Sonae itself.

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