Anacom does not oppose the PT ComunicaƧƵes Nights tariff

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By determination of 28 February, made public yesterday, Anacom announces that it is not opposed to the new tariff plan proposed by PT ComunicaƧƵes, PT Noites, which can be marketed although subject to the fulfillment of certain conditions. The regulator had forced the telecommunications company to suspend this offer in October because it considered that the offer of free traffic raised serious competitive reservations.

Among the conditions now imposed for PT ComunicaƧƵes to proceed with the new PT Noites offer ā€“ which adds the same cost of the line and telephone calls between 9:00 pm and 9:00 am ā€“ there are two options available to customers: the current monthly fee that gives access to free calls in the night period and another one where the monthly fee will be reduced by 60 cents and the current tariff in the night period applies.

The entry into force of the tariff is still conditioned to the Ā«materialization, by the companies of the PT Group, of the conditions associated with the availability of offers, adding, in a single price, network and traffic line (according to the determination of 14 December 2005)Ā», writes Anacom.

The regulator also says that PT ComunicaƧƵes should produce a booklet ā€“ to be sent with the monthly invoice ā€“ where it exposes the customer to the two tariff options and how to obtain more information. The telecommunications company must also reduce the activation price and price per minute by 10 percent (without prejudice to the normal and periodic review of the prices of the interconnection reference proposal (PRI)).

Only after these determinations are fulfilled, PT ComunicaƧƵes can proceed with the new tariff, now having fifteen days to notify Anacom if it wants to proceed with it.

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