Anacom defines quality of service parameters for PT ComunicaƧƵes

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The communications regulator has published a set of quality of service parameters and performance objectives for the universal service to be met by PT ComunicaƧƵes, as a universal service provider.

This range includes definitions for the breakdown repair fee per access line, breakdown repair times, missed calls, call establishment times, response times to operator and information services, percentage of public telephones (coins and cards) to work properly, complaints about invoice errors and deadlines for providing an initial connection.

Pursuant to the legislation in force, PTC must report on compliance with these requirements to the regulator through reports with monthly measurements related to each parameter, delivered quarterly, with the first report to be delivered to the regulator within six months.

The consumer must also be informed of the results of these assessments, namely before entering into new contracts with the operator or annually through a report that must be made publicly available.

The European Commission published today the results of a report that closes for now the possibility of extending universal service to new areas beyond fixed, in this case mobile and broadband (see related news). The recently revised universal service obligations thus remain limited to fixed telephony.

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