Anacom defines quality levels for Internet services

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Anacom has already prepared the draft resolution for the definition of quality of service standards for Internet access providers (ISPs), which will now be put into consultation in the next 30 days. In the regulation, service parameters are stipulated that the operator has to disclose to its customers, namely in terms of the time to provide access and time to repair faults.

The quality parameters of the network remain for the time being, one of the most important, as it allows the differentiation of the quality of the connection service actually provided to the customer. In a statement, Anacom admits that «it will also analyze the possibility of integrating quality parameters associated with network performance in the Quality of Service Regulation», but it does not define when this possibility will be realized.

This consultation process, which has just begun, precedes a final resolution, so a date of entry into force of the regulation has not yet been determined. After its publication, however, companies will have five months to comply with their determinations.

The communications market regulator had already started a process to define quality parameters last year, namely for the fixed network. The regulation of the Internet area arises «following the receipt of a high number of complaints related to the quality of this service».

Anacom admits that most complaints originate from the lack of knowledge on the part of customers about adequate information about the quality of service that is offered by the provider companies, so it is important to provide information that allows an effective comparison between service levels and an «informed choice», clarifies the regulator in a statement.

For now, the deadlines for providing Internet access, rate of breakdowns per customer, time for repairing breakdowns, response time for customer support services, and response time for complaints / requests for customer information will be defined.

Companies must disclose information about the minimum quality levels verified for each parameter, as well as the minimum quality levels that they propose to offer to each customer. The information must also be included in the contracts entered into, being also made available in written form at all points of sale and on the website.

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