Anacom creates numbering range for VoIP service but allows use of geographic numbers

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After the public consultation started in November, Anacom has just announced that it has set the general lines of the regulatory framework for Voice over IP services, determining the issues related to the allocation of telephone numbers, interconnection between operators and also the connection to emergency services . The communications market regulator created a new numbering range, starting with «30», which should be used in nomadic VoIP services, but authorizes the use of geographic numbering whenever voice over IP is used in a single fixed location .

The issue of numbering to be used in Voice over IP services was one of the most delicate in the analysis package, since currently providers of these services were not allowed to provide customers with a phone number where they could receive calls. In this context, IOL Talki only allowed calls to be made, but Netcall, for example, resorted to the use of a range of geographic numbers that it had contracted with another fixed network operator.

Anacom’s decision now clarifies the situation, indicating that the geographic numbering can be assigned «with the photo systems sydney provider always being responsible for complying with this requirement (use in a single fixed location)». For the remaining cases, in which VoIP is used in different geographical points, the new numbering range with indicator «30» should be used, where number portability will be implemented.

Anacom also determines that VoIP service providers that have numbering from the National Numbering Plan (which also includes the range of nomadic use) must ensure the routing of VoIP calls to 112 and also the sending of the identification of the calling number, which allows emergency services to make a callback. The regulator also warns that VoIP operators must provide written information to customers about restrictions on access to 112, prior to the conclusion of any contract.

In this framework for VoIP, the quality of service parameters are also defined, and the Regulation in force for the public telephone network at a fixed location is applicable.

In terms of interconnection, Anacom says that «VoIP providers, including those of nomadic use services, will be able to negotiate the terms of interconnection contracts with other service providers», with the current basic principles of interconnection.

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