Anacom consults users of FWA licenses

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Anacom is conducting a consultation with the telecommunications operators to hear their interest in using the FWA frequencies assigned to it. This notification to the operators was decided through a resolution of the past December 14, explains the regulator in a statement.

It is recalled that the rules for operating FWA frequencies were recently analyzed and reformulated with the contribution of interested agents, after a public consultation phase launched by the regulator that gave rise to a new proposal for an Ordinance already delivered to the Government.

This proposal provided for the maintenance of the current licenses, if the operators concerned so understood and the allocation of new operating rights to other interested entities.

Today’s communication from Anacom informs interested parties that the consultation phase now launched involves the provision of information and runs for a period of one month, starting from the notification date of each operator.

Comments should be sent to the regulator in the form of an email, as is usually the case in consultation exercises, to the email address made available for this purpose –

Before the previous public consultation, addressed to the market, Anacom recognized that the FWA did not reach the projection that was expected and that the analysis of the situation was therefore fundamental.

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