Anacom collects comments on registration of infrastructures for electronic communications

Sapo opens laboratory at the University of Aveiro

Anacom initiated a public consultation, which will continue until the 16th of October and which should help to define the need and scope of an electronic communications infrastructure system.

Moving forward, the system should make it possible to centralize information related to the electronic communications infrastructures held by national operators. Among the information that this information base will have is information related to geographic location.

In a statement, Anacom explains that the public consultation now underway aims to «assess, with the market and the various agents, the interest and usefulness of the existence of registered information relating to electronic communications networks, aggregated and systematized in an electronic way».

The responses collected will serve as a basis for defining the scope, implementation format and management criteria of the system, the regulator also says, that after the consultation period has ended, the contributions received will be made public.

Comments on the public consultation process should be sent to Anacom’s website, using the email address created by the body for this purpose.

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