ANACOM closes 2007 with 163 requests for analysis of non-ionizing radiation

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From the year 2000 to the end of last year, ANACOM received an accumulated 1,135 requests related to non-ionizing radiation, originating from the electromagnetic fields of Radio Base Stations – used in mobile telephone systems -, and from other radiation sources.

In the first half of 2007, the regulator received 58 requests, a number that was largely exceeded during the second half of last year, when 105 requests were received.

In the end, and to date, 1,069 requests – 123 involving educational establishments – of the total requests for analysis of specific cases, 52 of which were in the first half of 2007, were completed.

The regulator’s conclusions point to «values ​​50 times lower than the reference levels of power density set in Ordinance No. 1421/2004 of 23 November». In the same analysis, ANACOM found that in thirty-three cases presented, the level 50 times lower was not guaranteed from the outset, however, in all of them, compliance with the reference levels was guaranteed «.

Many of the completed processes involved the measurement of radiation on site, says ANACOM, which ends the report by guaranteeing that «all the conclusions of the actions carried out were brought to the attention of the people or entities that requested the assessments».

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