Anacom assigns a positive rating to the coverage of voice services in Portugal

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Between May and June, Anacom assessed the quality of mobile voice services based on GSM, based on five criteria: network coverage (GSM and WCDMA / UMTS), service accessibility, call establishment time, termination rate of calls and audio call quality.

In the scope of the tests, close to 3.7 thousand calls and 443.920 thousand measurements of radio signal level were made, which makes up 30 hours of measurements. The evaluation covered the service of the three national operators in the areas of Lisbon, Porto and the road that connects the two cities.

In the end, the regulator found that «the voice service presents good levels of performance and with minor differences between GSM and automatic selection GSM / UMTS, however, this has revealed a degradation in the indicator» service accessibility «».

Anacom also indicates that radio coverage in urban areas stands out positively, as well as on the Lisbon-Porto road axis with regard to GSM coverage. With regard to services supported on WCDMA, the coverage has already proved to be «deficient».

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