Anacom asks for 30 days to decide on the application of new mobile tariffs

Sapo opens laboratory at the University of Aveiro

Although the law prohibiting operators from rounding up prices for mobile services came into effect yesterday, the truth is that none of the players implemented the measure in the Portuguese market.

As TeK had reported last week, none of the three operators currently have systems adapted to the new change. Added to this factor is Anacom’s request, which, as a regulatory body, says it needs a period to define how the published diploma is related to the telecommunications sector.

Still with regard to the law and the doubts it raises, the regulator for the telecommunications market published yesterday a statement stating that the diploma «now requires, on the part of Anacom, an adequate definition of the solutions necessary for the supervision of its application in this sector. «

That said, the operators assume that they will wait for a decision from the body, which will leave within 30 days, before proceeding, or not, to change.

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