Anacom approves Optimus Home after changes to the initial proposal

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SonaeCom may soon resume the marketing and provision of Optimus Home, which had been suspended by Anacom last November, considering that it is a fixed numbered mobile service. After presenting, on the 7th of December, a proposal that restricts the mobility area of ​​the terminals, the company ended up obtaining from the regulator a «draft decision», favorable to the new fixed-mobile service with such altered characteristics.

In the probable sense of the decision adopted on 10 December, the telecommunications regulator clarifies that «the use of the GSM frequencies of Optimus’ terrestrial mobile network in the local access network is allowed for the provision of voice services at a fixed location by Novis, with the typical characteristics of the service presented to Anacom on 7.12.2004 «. At the same time, the right to use the numbering range 2 (for the fixed service) within that service is recognized, «provided that the mobility associated with the terminal is only the inevitable, taking into account the technology used, to guarantee access in a fixed location «.

Anacom wants, however, that the promoters of the service present clear and transparent information to the end users about it, clarifying, namely the service coverage area, including any accessibility limitations. indoor, and the impact on the location of the caller on calls made to the single European emergency number (112).

In line with the Administrative Procedure Code, Anacom has set a deadline of 10 working days for interested parties to comment on this decision, which may change in view of the draft decision. For this reason, «the effective provision of the service in question by Novis is subject to the decision that may be taken at the end of these procedures».

Until the procedures are finished and the effective commercialization and provision of the service can be resumed, SonaeCom says in a statement that it intends to keep the «Get rid of the subscription» campaign in force.

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