Anacom applies fines of 50 thousand euros

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Anacom announced the results of a series of processes that resulted in fines for five telecommunications service providers in the amount of 50 thousand euros. Pluricanal, TvTel, Cabovisão, Entrónica and C3 were the companies targeted.

The fines imposed on companies have to do with the fact that they have not fulfilled their legal obligations to provide information to the regulator, regarding their activity. This obligation is enshrined in the Electronic Communications Law.

In some cases, non-compliance has to do with the lack of response to an annual questionnaire, in others with the failure to deliver mandatory quarterly statistical information to the regulator.

Three of the fines imposed have already been paid. The fine imposed on Cabovisão, which is the highest of five, 20 thousand euros, remains, as well as the fine of 7,500 euros imposed on Entrónica. Both processes followed for execution.

It is recalled that Cabovisão has other proceedings underway with Anacom regarding the failure to deliver quarterly information. The fine now announced has, however, only to do with not responding within the legal deadline set out in the annual questionnaire.

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