Anacom allows Portugal Telecom to recover customers after four months

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An Anacom decision now published gives Portugal Telecom the possibility of trying to recover customers who have switched to another operator after four months. The guard period that prevented the recovery of pre-selected customers (referred to as win-back) was until now six months, PT is not allowed any commercial contact to present its services, but the evolution of the competitive situation justifies the reduction of this time ..

In a statement, Anacom underlines, however, that the guard period «continues to be an appropriate means to provide consumers with a free and informed choice of the service they want, experiencing it and maintaining the freedom, without external pressure, to remain a customer or proceed with the contractual disconnection «.

In addition to reducing the guard period, Anacom also decided to reinforce some measures through some changes that include the definition of the beginning of this period after five days of the pre-selection request, as well as the sharing of information on the pre-selection of customers between companies of the PT Group for whom there are no commercial contacts. Anacom notes that no additional information about that customer should be provided, namely about the pre-selected provider with which they have or intend to have a contract.

The new rules come into force 30 days after notification to PT Group companies, being applicable to pre-selection requests submitted after that date to PT Group companies that provide access to the public telephone network at a fixed location.

Before this determination, Anacom held a prior hearing in which contributions were received from several operators and also from Apritel.

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