Anacom alleges public interest to maintain plan to reduce termination rates

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Similar to what it did for Digital Terrestrial Television, Anacom is using the legal means at its disposal to prevent delays in the process of reviewing the values ​​of mobile termination rates, contested in the courts by Vodafone and TMN that are against asymmetries. proposed by the regulator in favor of Optimus.

With the declaration of public interest in the process, the Jornal de Negócios advances today, the regulator intends to draw attention to the weight of the decision with the consumer, claiming that he will be the main beneficiary with the changes proposed in the regulatory measures and avoiding the blocking of precautionary measures.

The regulator used the same legal defense to block blockages in the Digital Terrestrial Television process, in which the courts were also called upon to intervene. In this case, the lawsuit was brought by AirPlus, which lost the right to exploit DTT licenses for paid channels, but today writes the Diário Económico that here it is not only Anacom claiming public interest but also the State, which will have sent a document to the court to defend the position.

The allegation made to the court intends to prevent in both cases the suspension of the regulatory decision until the justice examines its legitimacy.

Anacom’s decision on mobile termination rates, those that operators pay each other to end a call on a given mobile network, defined price changes that began to be implemented on the 15th of July and will continue to progress in stages until October next year. The decision allows Optimus to receive a higher amount than the competitors for each minute of calls terminated on its network.

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