ANAC restricts shipping and shipping of 15 ″ MacBook Pro models on domestic flights

Yesterday, we talked about starting a move to restrict shipment and dispatch of certain models of the 15-inch MacBook Pro on flights from various parts of the world. For he gave us no other: the Brazil They are also already among the countries adopting security measures.

In the previous article, we had already reported that GOL was warning about the restriction on its shipments and flights, but today the dnetc succeeded with ANAC confirmation that orientation is widespread. Strictly speaking, the 15 inch MacBooks Pro called by recall are prohibited boarding domestic flights, both in hand luggage and in checked baggage unless, of course, the user proves that he has already changed the machine's battery.

In practice, however, this is not the case: ANAC itself states that if any of the listed computers board the plane, its owner will be instructed to keep it off and unplugged. The full statement from the agency reads as follows:

Defective equipment should not be carried as carry-on baggage or checked in the aircraft hold, given the risks it poses to area operations. Passengers boarding the device inappropriately will be instructed by airline professionals to keep the device off and not to recharge the device during the flight. The recommendation is valid until the manufacturer has replaced the defective models. The measures adopted by ANAC, which aim to ensure the safety of area operations, are in line with the practices recently taken by the American Civil Aviation (FAA) and European Civil Aviation Authorities (European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA)). .

We contacted the GOAL and the company has claimed to be following recent ANAC recommendations; Passengers boarding one of the prohibited models improperly will be instructed to turn them off and keep them away from power.

The dispatch of the MacBooks in question is forbidden, which is hardly new, as airlines have always discouraged users from carrying electronic equipment in their checked baggage (and almost no one with a minimum of common sense does so).

Just as a reminder, the restriction holds true for Retina display 15-inch MacBook Pro models sold between September 2015 and February 2017. recall of models is still active and you can check on this page if your computer is part of the program; If so, you can exchange your battery for free at any Apple Authorized Store or Service Center.

As we know, once you have replaced the battery, your MacBook Pro will be able to board (and be used) on any flight as long as you prove you have already replaced the component, of course.