An unusual interview with Dionatan Simioni


Making a title of myself in the third person sounds weirder to me than to you, believe me! Even so, we have a unique opportunity here for you to know a little more about me, my trajectory, curiosities about the blog and the Diolinux channel. Will it change your life to hear that? Probably not ā€¦ but hear that itā€™s cool! ?

The relaxed chat was done on the gNewlinux channel, where I, who usually interview other people, ended up giving a very nice interview talking about a lot more things than you think.

I thank Diego, owner of the channel, for this beautiful opportunity.

Our chat was so long that even editing was still incredibly large, and Diego divided it into two parts, so I recommend listening while you do some other activity, so, in addition to learning more about my history, you also donā€™t you lose productivity, right?

There are two videos of approximately 40 minutes each, check below:

Finally, the invitation is for you to know the channel on which I gave this interview, Diego is a very good guy and deserves your visit for sure.

ā€“ Click here to access.

To the next!