An Open Source Letter: We Need YOU! Know where and why.

These days people are always busy, always running, so it's even a privilege to write to someone who is still there, which is a rarity these days. I don't want to waste your time, so let's cut to the chase.

We do a lot, probably a lot more than you have to know, especially if you just access one or two content channels that we produce. Despite the massive work, that's good, the more different places our presence is perceived, the better for the project, the better for the ideas and information we spread. More different people we can reach.

Because of this, the reserved moments are never enough to thank the people who support us financially with R $ 1,00 per month. through Padrim and more recently to our supporters who are part of the YouTube Channel Club.

To be pioneer

I know that talking about your own project, praising it, sounds bizarrely egocentric, but I'll try to contain myself by talking about my passion, you can just look at the numbers and see for yourself. If I get over the point, I already apologize in advance, really not my intention, although it is inevitable when talking about something you love so much.

The blog Diolinux is getting "old", we are coming in 2019 to our eighth year of existence, a long journey, with ups and downs like any journey, but fortunately with much higher than lows.

Looking back today is a source of pride, as we can say that we have pioneered some things within our country, within the niche of people who speak Portuguese in this "little blue ball" we call "home".

A softer approach, avoiding radicalisms that have plagued the Linux community, attracting people of good heart and goodwill to create a healthy community that helps one another develop for the sake of simply having livable and affordable options without underscoring who thinks differently, without offending.

There were never stupid questions, no matter how simple they were, we always tried to answer them, and when they were repeated, we answered again as if it were the first time. Stupid, within our concept, has always been to not answer these questions.

Through this profile of action the blog developed, after came the YouTube channel, which today, without mistake, can be considered the largest channel in the world with Linux and Open Source as a recurring agenda, or at least the largest in Portuguese. The Diolinux channel is now larger than the official channels of large companies and even of the Linux Foundation itself, even speaking English and English.

And here is a great and important fact that happens unnoticed:

You made it a reality! I'm not sure if you can understand the size of this … to tell the truth, I don't know if I can do it myself.

One of our biggest Linux content spread vehicles of ours, Brazilian, was created and encouraged by you!

After the Diolinux channel got a little more popular, and along the way too, we saw several excellent quality channels being created and growing on YouTube here in Brazil talking about simulated subjects. So many that it is difficult to list all, at the risk of leaving someone out, I will abstain from the list. But I realized that really that idea that we planted back in 2011, germinated and bore beautiful fruit.

We need you!

Without you reading this article now, none of this would be possible! Nothing! I, Dionatan, humbly on behalf of all the people who are involved with the Diolinux project (counting any more than 10), thank you with all possible sincerity!

I really want you, who always consumes our content, feel an integral part of our team, consuming content and sharing knowledge is in the DNA of our company and the way we are, our lifestyle.

Ok, but you need me for what exactly?

In fact we only need your goodwill. I explain.

We need you

I'm sure you like the content we produce, or at least part of it, we we need your help showing Linux and open source software to more people here in Brazil, because this we Never we can do it alone.

But how can I help?

Thanks for asking!

Interact with our content, as simple as that is.

A constant fight that all content producers have with search engines, it doesn't just have to be found, should it?

  • How many times have you left a comment and an article like this here on the blog?
  • How many times have you watched a video, liked the content, but disliked, shared and commented on the video?
  • Do you follow us on Twitter? How many times do you like and retute our contents?
  • Are you following me on Instagram?

These small actions show search engines and platforms that our content is relevant. Do you doubt that your interaction can change things much?

This little graphic below our YouTube channel. In December 2018 we had almost 6 million minutes watched, but more than half (57%) are people who are not subscribed to the channel!

That is, there are many people interested in the subject, many people who watch our content regularly but did not subscribe to the channel.

Watch Statistics for December / 2018 Channel Diolinux

Doing these things helps you more than you think, bring more people to know our content, this may be yours good current.

But is it that important?

Probably more than you think. One of the things I've always been clear about, that we don't need to show Linux to those who already use and like Linux, if I want the community to grow, if I want more people to take the open technologies bias out of their minds, I need get them out of our usual circle of friendships and followers and that's why you share and interact with our content so important.

Twitter vs Instagram

Social networks like Twitter and Instagram have a lot of added value. Twitter is often the simplest way to reach developers, brands and bring content, through hashtags for example, to people who are not part of our core.

Instagram is the social network of the moment, there are many people who have never heard of our work. Both are also a great way to let you know when new content comes out of your channel, blog or any other project.

Therefore, I invite you to follow our profiles on these networks:

Over there you will also receive a lot of extra extra content. Even speaking of Instagram, I want to propose a campaign:

– Take a picture of your SETUP or Linux Desktop and mark me there, I will create a Stories folder with the most beautiful prints of the people to disclose the use of these software and your profile by my personal account.

A very important new project

I decided to dedicate an entire paragraph to this subject, because it is very important indeed, since the gaming industry influences the market so much that even those who do not play feel their impacts, such as better hardware support and greater software availability.

O our channel on Twitch.tv It debuted a few months ago with a very bold proposal, to create content focused on games for Linux, using Linux at all. The past few years have been fantastic for the Linux gaming market for a variety of reasons and we need to show it to people. Twitch.tv/Diolinux

How many times have you heard of someone who said they thought Linux was "cool" but didn't test the platform because it "didn't run games" or some more specific game? This is exactly the kind of myth we want to break.

To achieve this we are making lives EVERY DAY, we believe in the project and we are dedicating a lot to it.

What is Twitch anyway?

For you who don't know very well, Twitch.tv is owned by Amazon and the leader in the Game Streaming market (today not even games), even bigger than YouTube, so much so that several recent features built into YouTube were inspired by resources that already existed at Twitch. Lots of players of all styles share their passion for games, countless new people have come to our Twitch channel and met Linux there for the first time through games! Amaze!

"Wow, I didn't know Linux was running a game," "I thought Linux was just for study and work," but "Isn't Linux bad?", are very common beginner phrases by l. Every time it happens I am so happy to see the warm welcome that channel members give to these people, explaining to them just how things really are, breaking myths and prejudices. We even have a name and a Discord server dedicated to it to # L2G (Linux Gamers Generation).

Today there are almost 3,000 people following the lives we do every day, usually they start shortly after the video coming out on YouTube. Our YouTube videos come out every day at 7:00 pm, Live on Twitch.tv usually starts at 19:40 hours.

As a bold new project, and yet again, a project that doesn't do English content, we really need your help to grow the channel there as well.

Join the daily lives, make this our daily live meeting where you can interact in real time with us and the rest of the community, where you can have fun, make new friends and learn new things! I have a lot of fun doing these lives and I've made a lot of new friends over there, since the crowd often plays together! 🙂

Follow our channel on Twitch and help share when lives are happening, maybe we can become the biggest Linux gamer community in the world too, and I'll tell you, we're not far from that!

To complete…

I'm sure you're a busy person, but I'm also sure you'd like to see, not necessarily Diolinux, but Linux and Open Source is growing and spreading without a lot of myths that were barely true 15 years ago. , what to say these days.

Help us do that, your sharing has more power than you think. Follow us on social networks and help spread the word.

See you next time!

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