an iPhone game that can be purchased on the App Store in Brazil

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Most already know that there is no games category in the App Store in Brazil, due to Brazilian legislation. This is bad for us, consumers, because we cannot buy angry Birds or Cut the Rope with our national cards, unless we also have an Argentine account.

But an old trick makes it possible for Brazilian developers to make their innocent games accessible to our audience, placing them in the Entertainment category. And this is how the game A Pig’s Dreams (which ironically has the name in English) is in the national store.

The object of the game is to get the weird piggy Ed to break the glass and free his friends. To do this, you have to strategically destroy some boxes and let the force of gravity do the rest for you. Check out the story:

Ed was a happy little pig and lived with his family on the farm, until the day he was kidnapped and taken to an evil research laboratory, to be used as a guinea pig. There he stayed for a long time….

But his luck changed on a rainy night, when he managed to escape and regain his longed-for freedom.

Unfortunately, the time he was subjected to tests and chemicals took a heavy toll: he can no longer distinguish between reality and fiction, he lives on the edge of his sanity. In some moments Ed believes he is a pirate, in others he imagines himself as a surfer, an executive or even an astronaut.

Now, he tries to return to the lab to save his friends. Help Ed to free them in a fun physics puzzle.

The game is unfortunately not in Portuguese, but that does not harm the gameplay (except when explaining).

The game can be purchased on the Brazilian App Store (link) by $ 0.99. A free version (with limited phases) is available for those who want to test before buying, at this link.

Or else, you will find some promote hidden around… ?