An iPhone, an Apple Watch and a pair of AirPods. Fits everything at the same time in this wireless charger

Wireless charging is becoming popular among brands.

Apple products already support the method, but the company has failed to deliver a charger of its kind.

The Cupertino technology even announced the launch of the AirPower, but after several postponements, the company decided to cancel the launch of the gadget, opening the door to the engine of other brands.

One of them is Logitech, which has just introduced a wireless charger capable of powering the battery of several Apple devices.

The new Powered 3-in-1 Dock can charge an iPhone, an Apple Watch and a pair of Airpods at the same time.

Despite the power, the charger is compact and has dedicated areas for each of these gadgets.

The model capable of fast charging, both with Apple devices and Samsung devices.

This dock has a base price of 130 dollars and is very similar to the proposals of other brands of its kind.

Logitech guarantees that the charger works even when the devices are protected by a cover, which cannot exceed three millimeters in thickness.