An interview with Heitor Faria – The authority of the world Bacula


THE Bacula is a framework that groups programs that allow you to manage backups, recovery and verification of computer data across different types of networks. All in a very efficient, relatively easy, extremely reliable and safe way. Bacula is the most popular Open Source Backup tool in the world!

The chat with Heitor Faria took place in a live on the eve of the holiday, March 29, where Heitor provided us with the opportunity to learn more about how the “Bacula world” works. He clarified doubts from those present, discussed their advantages, feasibility of use compared to other backup tools, when and how to use compression correctly, success stories, when and where to get support, about certification and how to obtain information such as documentation and books. Certainly very rich content!

In the interview Heitor Faria also tells us the script of his professional experience, academic training, how he got involved with Bacula and with Linux. Soon Hector will be back to give a practical demonstration of the functioning of the Bacula, so stay tuned.

Check out the live live now and learn more about Bacula! ?

You can access the Bacula website at:

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