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Many people who see the Akinator working for the first time, he doesn’t believe what he does. He is able to guess the celebrity that a person is thinking, just by asking a few questions. Well known on his website, now he gets the screens of iPhone and iPod touch through its own application.

Obviously there is no magic or extraordinary fact in the system behind Akinator, just a huge database of all kinds of celebrities from several countries (including Brazil), added to a little bit of statistics and logic. Even so, it is guaranteed fun at friends’ wheels or at bar tables.


Although the application is not made by Brazilians, it is all in Portuguese. You first think of a famous personality and then begin to answer the questions that the genius asks you. For each one you can answer Yes, no, probably yes, probably not or do not know. It is important that you respond accurately to all of them, assuming you don’t know if there is any doubt.

Several questions You got it right again!

Even knowing that there is logic behind the trick, it is impossible not to be impressed by the variety of responses. In 15 attempts, he made no mistake, hitting Robinho, Lula, Calvin (from Haroldo), José Serra and even Yeda Crusius. It can be real or fictional characters, as well as living or already dead.

Akinator  roger

Unique, however, for those who do not have unlimited data plan, is that they need an internet connection to access their gigantic database. But it works without limit on Wi-Fi.

It was practically not released in Brazil before this article, but it is already 17th in the list of best sellers in the Brazilian store, with great reviews from those who bought it.

Available on the App Store BR

Guaranteed success among friends and family. Very recommended! ?

THE Akinator can be purchased at App Store (link) for the price of $ 1.99.

Want to win an official copy of the app?

Yes, the developers want to give a gift to our readers and they gave us 5 codes to give away!

Three will be drawn today, for those who follow us in our Twitter. The other two will be drawn right here, now! The first (2) to guess the personality I’m thinking about and post in the comments of this article, each one has a promotional code. For that, I will publish the questions and answers that the application asked me before I found out. There it goes:

Is your character a woman?

Do not.

Is your character Brazilian?


Does your character work for a television channel?


Did he do any soap operas?


Did your character act in “Caminho das Índias”?

Do not.

Is your character over 50 years old?


Do people say he is a handsome guy?


Does your character act in “Living Life”?


One response per comment. The same person can participate more than once. Only the full name (without nicknames) of the celebrity will count. ?