Amuse children with ‘The Hungry Pets’, a Brazilian game for iPad

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It is very good when we can talk about quality national apps here, especially when they are aimed at children, as there is not much material in Portuguese on the App Store. And this is the case: The Hungry Pets, from Rio de Janeiro Mobits.

It is a turn-based game, where the goal is to eat a certain number of foods. For this, the player must build the path that leads to the food, including pieces on the board. A tutorial in Portuguese explains how it works.

It is possible to play alone and online, but it is in the group mode that the kids will have fun, playing with each other to see who can get all the food in the shortest time. Up to 4 players are possible.

Check out the promotional video:

Even though Hungry Pets is a game, it can usually be purchased at the Brazilian store (link), as it is in the Entertainment category. Its normal price is $ 1.99, but is on sale until next Wednesday at half price. So, enjoy! ?