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aMSN for Windows

One thing I always say, we don't always adapt to the Linux system, but even on our Windows we can use opensource alternatives. Anyone who is a serious internet user has no doubt an account for accessing MSN, the most widely used instant communicator in the world. world. aMSN is an alternative to Windows Live Messenger so you can access your account and chat with friends. Developed primarily for Linux, and now gaining a Windows version, this communicator offers quality features for establishing dynamic conversations.

The application interface also resembles conventional messengers. A contact list is displayed and you need to double click on one to open the window and start the chat. Conversation windows also lack innovation, featuring a bar with the main buttons and commands, as well as the secondary ones on the Toolbar.

Similar chat window is well known. See who blocked you

A differential that draws a lot of attention in aMSN is the possibility of viewing contacts that blocked or deleted you from MSN. Looking over the full list of friends, those with a red icon with an X at the very beginning of the name mean they deleted you (but you may have deleted them too). However, an interesting feature.

He leaves nothing to be desired

AMSN features several features found in the most popular versions of MSN instant communicators, such as:

Sending Emoticons: Express your feelings through emoticons, making the conversation even more fun. The communicator features support for animated emoticons.

Emoticons to express your feelings. Webcam Support: Establish interactive conversations using webcams and microphones.

Conferences: set up conferences to talk to more than one person at a time.

File Transfer: send files in any format directly through aMSN to your contacts.

History check: view all conversations made through a history.

Tab Conversion: Save space on the Taskbar by grouping conversations in one window. Everything gets more organized.

More organized conversations and less space on the Taskbar. Automatic messages: set an automatic message to be sent to your colleagues at times when you are away from your computer or too busy.

For those looking for an alternative to Windows Live but not wanting to have access to important features in the communicator, the aMSN indicated.

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