Ampare – Combine Images and generate a PDF on Linux


This is the program that you become aware of only after you have a very specific need, Ampare ended up «falling like a glove» for this one to solve my problem.

Recently I needed to photograph a contract with a few pages and organize these files, in “png”, in a PDF document. Currently, there are many tools to work with these files, however, I really decided to search for a solution that would do only what I needed to do: convert images into a PDF document, and I ended up finding the following tool.

Ampare Combine Images To PDF

The “Ampare Combine Images To PDF” is part of a range of applications from the developer “juthawong”, in the Snap Store, where all of its Apps have the suffix, “Ampare”.

To install use the following link:

To use the tool is very simple, just open the application, click on the window that opens and select the images you want to put in a PDF file.

Combine Images To PDF

After selection, just choose where you want to save the final file and give it a name. After these steps you should have the finished file, with your images, in a single PDF document.

I have found the Snap Store very interesting to discover new apps like this, have you also discovered a cool new app? Share on our forum. ?

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