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THE Amount, created by Marco Torretta, is another excellent unit converter option for your iGadget.

The app presents an easy and intuitive way to convert any unit with a few taps. In total, more than 700 units make it the perfect app for different user profiles.

Amount app icon - Unit converter

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Using the app is very easy: swipe from left to right to navigate between pages; keep your finger on a category or unit to see more options; touch a typed value to change it.

Amount has among its categories: Acceleration, Area, Torque, Exchange, Flow, Clothing (men and women), Fuel, Length, Electric Current, Cooking, Density, Energy, Volumetric Flow, Luminous Flow, Strength, Frequency, Lighting, Information , Weight and Mass, Power, Pressure, Radiation (absorbed), Radioactivity, Metric System, Temperature, Time, Typography, Trigonometry, Speed, Network Speed, Viscosity (dynamic and kinematic) and Volume.

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Below are other applications / games that together add up almost R $ 88 discount:

IOS Apps

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Drawings and illustrations.

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Weather forecast.

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I Hike GPS app icon: Topo Maps

Navigation utility.

MacOS app

Rearview - handy mirror camera app icon

A “rear view” for your Mac.


The famous productivity utility Unclutter is part of an interesting package. In addition to it, there are 10 more apps for a very low price!

Unclutter - Power Pack

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