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THE Amount, created by the Italian developer Marco Torretta, is another excellent unit converter option for your iGadget.

The app presents an easy and intuitive way to convert any unit with a few taps. In total, more than 700 units make it the perfect app for different user profiles.

Amount app icon - Unit converter

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Using the app is very easy: swipe from left to right to navigate between pages; keep your finger on a category or unit to see more options; touch a typed value to change it.

Amount has, among its categories: Acceleration, Area, Torque, Exchange, Flow, Clothing (men and women), Fuel, Length, Electric Current, Cooking, Density, Energy, Volumetric Flow, Luminous Flow, Strength, Frequency, Lighting, Information, Weight and Mass, Power, Pressure, Radiation (absorbed), Radioactivity, Metric System, Temperature, Time, Typography, Trigonometry, Speed, Network Speed, Viscosity (dynamic and kinematic) and Volume.

Take advantage of the offer and already follow the new currency conversions with the real! ?

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