Amnesty International defends freedom of expression on the Internet

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AA HREF = «» target = _new> Amnesty International has launched a campaign for freedom of expression on the Internet, which starts with the launch of the website during the 45th anniversary organization for the defense of human rights.

On the portal it is possible to read censored information in countries like China, Syria, Vietnam or Iran and a document in favor of freedom of expression is made available to visitors, whose objective is to proceed with the collection of signatures in order to put pressure on political and companies not to cooperate with censoring information on the Web. The document will be sent to the United Nations in November this year.

The AI ​​statement, quoted by several international media outlets, reveals that censorship is carried out by monitoring chat rooms, applying filters on computers, closing internet cafes and blogs, with some cases ending up in the arrest of dissident website creators .

According to EFE News, the AI ​​campaign cites some cases of censorship, namely the collaboration between renowned companies in the technology sector with the Chinese government for the creation of control and filtering technologies, and, on the other hand, accuses also Yahoo, Microsoft and Google to restrict their services at the request of some governments.

Amnesty International is one of the largest human rights groups and has 1.8 million employees spread over more than 100 countries.

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