Amnesty International criticizes game classification

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Amnesty International asked parents and educators to monitor the use that youngsters make of video games and stressed that it is necessary to pay attention to the type of content they offer to youngsters this Christmas.

The organization criticizes the Pan European Game Information (PEGI) code, stating that this «is a system based on self-valuation by software entertainment, whose priority is the sale and distribution of video games «.

AI indicates that a legal system is necessary to regulate the sale, rental and dissemination of content that may be harmful to the development of the youngest. At issue is the poor signaling and information present in the packages with regard to the type of content or age the product is aimed at.

Another point of contention for the organization is the fact that the salespeople have no concern about the game’s information codes. According to AI, «in general, people in charge of video game sales do not have adequate information to know how to interpret the warning icons».

In January of this year, Amnesty International reported that there was a lack of care on the part of Governments regarding the protection of minors by private video game companies. At issue was the failure to comply with some rules imposed by PEGI, which ended up violating the rights of minors.

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