Amid the store’s works on Fifth Avenue, Apple gets permission to dismantle its iconic glass cube

Amid the store's works on Fifth Avenue, Apple gets permission to dismantle its iconic glass cube

Apparently, Apple is running full renovation works in the most iconic of its stores, that of Fifth Avenue, in New York. And, after the news that the space will more than double in size and the rumor that, when finished, it will house a Beats 1 radio stadium, another news about the works emerged today: Ma got permission from the city hall from the city to completely disassemble your iconic glass cube.

The information, published by the website of real estate and civil construction BuildZoom, shows that Apple obtained permission the day before yesterday (April 17) and the removal work will be on behalf of Waldorf Exteriors. The value of the service was recorded in (scary) $ 2 million, and the fee for issuing the permit was more than $ 20,000. The service description in the documentation specifies: «Type 2 change – complete removal of the cubic glass structure at the entrance to the Apple Store».

What is not yet known, however, is the purpose of Apple with the removal. I believe that no one in conscience would risk saying that Ma will end his mystical glass cube or replace it with another construction; The most likely theory is that the removal of the structure is simply necessary for the continuation of the work and, when everything is being completed, the cube returns to where it has always been.

However, according to information obtained by the 9to5Mac, it may not be exactly the case. According to the website, Apple will build a new glass structure on the site with the completion of the works not clear, however, if this new monument has the same dimensions and look as we currently have. If you remember, Apple already made a change to the cube almost six years ago, when it replaced the structure of more than 90 glass panels with one with only 15, much more Apple-like.

Will we now see a cube where each face consists of only one giant glass panel? Undeniably something that sounds really Jony Ive-year. ?