Americans more tolerant of spam

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A recent study by Pew Internet & American Life says that half of Americans continue to consider the spam serious problem, but the tendency to consider this phenomenon as a disincentive to the use of email is decreasing.

In an analysis carried out by the market research firm last year, 62 percent of respondents reported that the spam contributed to them having less confidence in the services of email, when in this last analysis only 53 percent of users shared this opinion. In turn, 22 percent of users report that the spam has reduced its general use of email, compared to 29 percent of users last year.

The document even says that «users are entering a level of discomfort in relation to the spam that is tolerable for them «. To prove it is also the decrease of 10 percent in the average of users who consider the spam unpleasant or boring – 67 percent, compared to 77 percent last year.

The study also states that only 28 percent of users claim to receive more spam today, than a year ago, against a percentage of 22 percent who admit to receiving less unsolicited email today. Pew Internet also stresses that users of email younger people are more tolerant of spam (between 18 and 29 years old).

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