Americans more dissatisfied with online shopping experiences

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The number of complaints collected by the North American Federal Trade Commission regarding experiences of online almost doubled in the past two years.

According to the annual report of that institution, 98 thousand complaints were filed that reveal the dissatisfaction of users with shopping experiences online, against 51 thousand complaints registered in 2002.

Among the most common complaints are the failure to meet the delivery deadlines for the products purchased and the differences between the advertised price and the actual price of the product when it reaches the customer.

According to the CFC in 2002, complaints related to Internet purchases represented 13 percent of the total complaints received, while in the last year they represented 16 percent.

The exponential rise in the number of complaints related to online shopping has not altered the leadership of the American consumer concerns table and for the fifth consecutive year online identity theft leads this complaint table.

The figures guarantee that the attempt to appropriate other people’s personal or financial data corresponds to 39 percent of the total complaints received.

However, CFC data – which analyze ten different categories – reveal that consumer care on this issue has increased.

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