Americans buy more than 600,000 Wii consoles in the first eight days

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Nintendo’s new console was made available on the 19th of November in the United States and sold out on the same day. In a statement the Japanese company reveals that, in just eight days, the number of consoles sold has already exceeded 600 thousand units.

Wii arrived in the North American market a few days after the launch of PlayStation 3 and both devices have surpassed the offer that companies have available, something that should change by the end of the year.

The gaming market for the console has also undergone some changes. The «Legend of Zelda» reached sales in the order of 454 thousand units, which means that three out of four users, who have purchased the console, bought the game.

According to Nintendo, the combined sales of Wii, games and accessories already represent revenues in the order of 190 million dollars.

Demand continues to increase and the company has already announced that it expects to sell four million more devices by the end of this year. It should be noted that these figures only concern the North American market since the console will only be launched in Japan on December 2nd, while Australia and Europe receive the device, respectively, on the 7th and 8th of the same month.

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