already offer new MacBooks and MacBooks Pro already offer new MacBooks and MacBooks Pro

Following the official release of the new price list from Apple Brazil, has already launched the new models of MacBooks and MacBooks Pro for sale. The readers' tip Philip Durando andRodrigo Pamplona (thank you!).

At least two of them are shown to be available, with expected delivery time of 5 working days.

Taking the opportunity, curious to note that the guys insist on announcing a very old white MacBook (with Core Duo processor of 1.83GHz, 512MB of RAM, 60GB of hard disk and Combo Drive just for you to have an idea!) For absurd R $ 4,799.

The alert had already been sent to us a few days ago by Majesticskull and at Regis, but we were waiting for to correct the information, which was not done. Unfortunately, there must be a lot of people who buy without knowing that the old product is not even close to that. For registration:

Let's hope, this time, someone limps over there.