American teenager uses spy software to secure entry to university

بيتيا ، NotPetya ، GoldenEye.  لا يهم الاسم إلا أن الفيروس لا يزال يعيث فسادا

A young American man could be arrested for falsifying school grades.

Pressed by university applications, the 18-year-old decided to install spyware school PCs and change your grades.

In addition to falsifying his classification, he also changed those of his friends and now faces 38 years in prison.

Omar Khan, an American teenager, could face 38 years in prison for entering the computers of the high school he attends and falsifying his grades in various subjects.

The objective was to improve the annual average in order to be able to enter college this year.

Among the 69 crimes he is accused of, the 18-year-old is still penalized for using spyware, passwords stolen and for changing the ratings of 12 more colleagues.

According to eWeek, Omar Khan used to enter the school at night to steal information that would allow him to enter the school computer system.

After successfully overcoming security barriers, he installed malicious programs on computers in order to be able to control his and his colleagues’ ratings from home.

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